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ive needed therapy for a while and now that im going to actually be starting dual drug/mental health counselling im worried that im going to talk way too much about things unrelated things to my drug use and it’s going to be embarrassing when my counselor is like ooookay but thats not why you’re here you’re here bc ur a drug addict and i fuckin know that ive known that and thats all ive talked about for fucking years but now i have to because it’s essentially court ordered that i do

TLDR: take advantage of free mental heath services at college when you have the chance


I think I would be a lot happier now if my parents got me the barbie stylin’ head i asked for for christmas instead of freaking out and saying no, and now whenever they encourage my brothers flamboyancy it pisses me off a lot out of jealousy, like im getting really homophobic despite my sexuality

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